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(A) Schematic representation of the Ibidi µ-slide chemotaxis chamber – blue and green indicate test factor-containing media and control media respectively. The viewing chamber cross section in 1 mm wide, but only 70 µm in height, keeping axons in a singe focus plane. The central viewing chamber is 2 mm in length. (B) Topographical view of a portion of viewing chamber, with test factor gradient indicated above. Growth cones traveling left are depicted with green arrow heads, whereas growth cones traveling to the right  are marked with blue arrow heads. The expected 30 % of sensory neuron BDNF sensitivity bias in observed. (C) A time-lapse series depicting the growth cone behavior of a sensory neuron exposed to a gradient of BDNF (from the right side). Blue arrows indicate lead growth cone. 

Scale bar: (B) 250 µm; (C) 50 µm

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